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B.Sc Medical Imaging Technology/ Radiology

Step into the fascinating world of medical imaging through our B.Sc Medical Imaging Technology program. This educational journey will equip you with the knowledge and skills to operate cutting-edge imaging tools, enabling accurate diagnoses and precise medical insights. As a part of this program, you’ll master state-of-the-art equipment that allows doctors to look inside the body and understand the root causes of health concerns. Your contribution will be instrumental in guiding patients towards the right treatment paths.


At VYMAK, we’re special because we’re really dedicated to giving you useful skills that you’ll learn by doing hands-on things and using really new technology. Our teachers know a lot about this field and will help you a lot on your journey to a great job in healthcare.

When you pick VYMAK, you’re picking a place that really cares about you doing well and getting ahead.

Academic Focus

Master radiographic techniques, imaging procedures, patient positioning, and radiation safety. Develop skills to capture high-quality medical images for diagnostics.

Career Scope

Pursue roles as radiologic technologist, CT scan technician, MRI technologist, and X-ray technician. Opportunities are vast in medical imaging centers and hospitals.


  • Radiologic Technologist, 
  • CT Scan Technician, 
  • MRI Technologist, and
  • X-ray Technician.
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