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B.Sc Anaesthesia & Operation Theater Technology

Embark on an essential role in surgical procedures with our B.Sc Anaesthesia & OT Technology program. Through this comprehensive course, you’ll not only learn about anesthesia administration and operation theatre management but also delve into the art of ensuring patient comfort and safety during medical procedures. Your specialized expertise will play a pivotal part in the success of surgeries and contribute significantly to the advancement of healthcare practices.


At VYMAK, we stand out for a compelling reason – our commitment to providing you with practical skills that are honed through immersive hands-on experiences and cutting-edge simulation labs. Our dedicated faculty, with their extensive expertise and industry insights, serves as your guiding beacon, helping you navigate the path to a fulfilling and rewarding career in the healthcare sector.

When you choose VYMAK, you’re choosing an institution that places your success and growth at the forefront.

Academic Focus

Dive into anesthesia techniques, patient monitoring, surgical instrumentation, and infection control. Develop skills essential for safe and effective surgeries.

Career Scope

Excel as an anesthesia technician, operation theatre technician, surgical assistant, or infection control officer. Opportunities exist in hospitals, surgical centers, and healthcare facilities.


  • Anesthesia Technician, 
  • Operation Theatre Technician, 
  • Surgical Assistant, and
  • Infection Control Officer.
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