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B.Sc Cardiac Care Technology

Uncover the universe of cardiac care with our B.Sc Cardiac Care Technology program. This specialized course will empower you with the skills needed to assist doctors in diagnosing and treating heart-related conditions. From understanding cardiac issues to applying crucial techniques, you’ll become an integral part of the team dedicated to enhancing patients’ heart health. Your expertise will make a meaningful impact on the lives of those you serve.


VYMAK’s comprehensive program blends theory and hands-on training, ensuring you’re prepared for dynamic cardiac care settings. We teach you both important theories and how to do things practically in our classes. This way, you’ll be ready for exciting jobs where you can help take care of people’s hearts.

Our experienced faculty and modern labs enrich your learning journey. Additionally, we have really cool labs where you can learn by doing.

Academic Focus

Master cardiac anatomy, diagnostics, ECG interpretation, and patient care. Develop expertise in monitoring cardiac patients and utilizing advanced technologies.

Career Scope

Venture into roles like cardiac technologist, ECG technician, cardiovascular lab assistant, and stress testing technician. Opportunities abound in hospitals, clinics, and cardiac care centers.

Careers in B.Sc Cardiac Care Technology

  • Cardiac Technologist, 
  • ECG Technician, 
  • Cardiovascular Lab Assistant, and
  • Stress Testing Technician.
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